Save Your Home From Carpenter Ants

Save Your Home From Carpenter Ants

Call on Chaparral Pest Control for ant removal services in Plano & Garland, TX

Carpenter ants can be just as harmful to your home or commercial building as termites. They can eat away at all kinds of wood features. If you have carpenter or fire ants on your property, our exterminators can remove them using bait traps and chemical treatments.

Choose Chaparral Pest Control for ant control services in the Plano and Garland, TX areas. We offer a wide variety of service packages, including our super package that comes with annual exterior ant and termite treatments, and our full package that will eliminate existing ant infestations. Our experts can help you select the right ant control service package.

Check out the benefits of hiring a professional pest control company

Chaparral Pest Control offers ant removal services in Plano, Garland, TX and surrounding areas. Our pest control company:

  • Can save you from the effects of pesticide overuse
  • Uses professional treatment techniques
  • Guarantees the complete, quick extermination of insects
  • Uses pet- and child-safe chemicals
  • Can show you how to prevent future infestations

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