Don't Let Terrible Termites Destroy Your Home

Don't Let Terrible Termites Destroy Your Home

Schedule expert termite control services in Collin, Dallas, & Denton County

Termites can chew through your wood foundation, walls, furniture and framing at a rapid rate-causing thousands of dollars in damage to your home. If you suspect a termite infestation, contact us right away. Since 1978, Chaparral Pest Control has been offering the lowest prices on termite control work in Collin, Dallas, & Denton County.

Our exterminators are Sentricon system certified. Sentricon is an advanced bait system that's designed to eliminate entire subterranean termite colonies. We can use a combination of Sentricon bait traps, liquid chemical sprays and solid chemical treatments to remove every last termite from your property.

Call 972-422-0088 today to arrange for reliable, affordable termite control services. Our termite removal services include a one-year warranty.

Signs that you might have a termite problem

Chaparral Pest Control does termite removal work in Collin, Dallas, & Denton County. You might have a termite infestation if you find:

  • Shelter tubes
  • Subterranean tunnels
  • Piles of termite frass
  • Termite wings
  • Tiny holes in wooden surfaces
  • Sagging floors and hollow wood

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Termite Warranty

Three things you should know about our warranty:

  1. Your price never increases once you lock into our program. We have thirty year old contracts that we have never increased.
  2. The warranty does not have an expiration date. As long as you pay your set fee you can obtain this warranty year after year.
    *Remember you don't pay for the warranty the first year. Your first payment is one year from the original treatment!
  3. The warranty is transferrrable to a subsequent owner, making your house easier to sell and more valuable.